We are Green Desert Solutions


By using the latest technologies we revive degenerated soil back into fertile soil.


During the proces of creating fertile soil, we generate tangible outputs, such as: electricity, water, food and biofuel.


Our approach is to create job opportunities and other economic advantages by working closely with local companies and use local labour to build and maintain the project. The aim is to create a blue economy.


During the proces from concept to creation we closely work together with local knowledge institutes and companies to transfer knowledge and skills.


Green Desert Solutions is created out of a passion for sustainable use of our environment. Together with our partners we combine sustainable skills and knowledge.

We believe that the sum of this knowledge and skills is bigger than its parts. By using best of breed technologies that best fit the local environmental needs we can create a blue economy for future generations.

Sustainable energy
Water purification

Our Team

Kees Duijzer

Kees Duijzer

President of the Board

With over 25 years experience in several businesses he is an entrepreneurial expert. He is the creator of the Green Desert Solutions project and serves as a centre and leading coach to the whole team.

Peter Heikoop

Peter Heikoop

Agricultural Advisor

With more than 10 years international experience in projectmanagement his expertise is business development, building market position, negotiating and building relationships matching all partners 'needs and goals’.

Gerrit Waltheer

Gerrit Waltheer

Executive Project Manager

International experience in development and execution of engineering and construction projects.

"We cannot solve a problem by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them."


Some Facts

square meters of soil dries out each year
% of all water on earth is potable water
% of all potable water is within reach of people
% of all water on earth is salt water


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